Hair Extensions



Proper at home care is VERY important to achieve the maximum longevity in your extensions!

If the proper care not taken a home, I cannot insure the best results.

Do's & Don'ts

 DO wait 24-48 hours before washing your hair after installaion.

 DO use a soft, boar bristle brush; starting at the ends and working your way up, always brushing in a downward motion.

DO brush before shampooing to keep hair from matting.

• DO use a good leave in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, keeping away from the tape tabs, this ensures the extensions stay hydrated, healthy & tangle-free.

DO keep conditioner, products & hot tools away from the base!

DO shampoo using 'squeezing' motion vs. rubbing

DO wear your hair in a pony tail when swimming, exercising & sleeping.

DON‘T use any products containing alcohol, oil, or ethanol. Alcohol based products are drying to the hair and can compromise the strength of the adhesive bond.

DON‘T brush hair harshly.

DON‘T go to bed with your hair wet.

DON‘T remove your extensions yourself, Professional job only!

DON‘T wait too long to move your extension up! Waiting longer that recommended can cause matting & damage.