Learn How to Calculate, Track & Budget your Income & Expenses while creating more work, life Balance & Planning for your Financial Future.

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Understanding your numbers, tracking your growth & setting BIG goals can elevate you to the NEXT LEVEL you have been dreaming about.

LEARN the most IMPORTANT numbers you should be tracking & the MUST have policies with in your business!

Master the Steps on implementing a Price Increase

Calculate & project your Annual Income

Create a plan for your Financial future.

Become a confident & successful Business Owner!

What you are getting inside my Master Your Business Course:

  • 12 week Group Coaching 

  • Access to Private Coaching Facebook Group

  • 5 Educational Modules + Bonuses

Module 1: The BIG Picture

  • Creating a Vision of your Life

  • Goal Setting & Tracking

  • Setting your BIGGEST Goals yet!

Module 2: Knowing your Numbers

  • What numbers to know & why?

  • Calculating your MOST important numbers

  • Annual Tracking Sheets

Module 4: Pricing & Policies

  • Creating a Service Menu

  • Raising your Prices

  • The MUST have policies

Module 5: Planning for your Financial Future

  • Paying your Taxes

  • Planning for Retirement

  • The Backup Plan

Module 3: Income & Expenses

  • Budget & Expenses

  • Calculating Product Cost

  • Making MORE money with what you have

  • Are you a self-employed Hairstylist struggling to run the business side of things?

  • Do you need more Structure & Boundaries within your business?

  • Want more Work/Life Balance?

  • Are you tired of living day to day or week to week financially?

I TOTALLY GET IT...I have been there!

I remember the days of wondering if I could even make enough money to pay my bills.

I also remember feeling the STRUGGLE of finding the BALANCE between my creative side (being a hairstylist) & running a professionally structured business(being a business owner).

I am so happy to share with you how I doubled my income, worked less & created more structure within my business, allowing me to have the balance I needed to be less stressed in life.