6 tips to Curls lasting ALL DAY!

If I had a nickel for every time a I have heard a someone say..."my hair just doesn't hold a curl" or "I just can't get it to curl the same way you do it." If this sounds like you...read on!

I have 6 tips for you to make your curls last ALL DAY!

First, lets start with the basics...

#1 Let's talk Haircut!

Your haircut is the foundation of your style, it is what creates the 'shape' of your overall look...if you don't have the right haircut how can you expect to

have the right style?? Getting a proper haircut will help support those curls & make your style last longer. To ensure your style & keep your hair healthy you will need to maintain your haircut every 6-8 weeks. By doing this will keep those layers laying right & keep you from having those frustrating moments when your curls are looking flat. It will also give you the opportunity to ask your stylist questions about any styling issues you are having in-between your appointments. Duh, no brainer, right?! Okay, moving on to tip #2!

#2 Using proper Shampoo & Conditioner

This is the next step in achieving long lasting curls. Finding the right shampoo & conditioner will play a key role in your styling needs. You not only need to find something for your 'hair type' but also for your desired results. A great rule of thumb is "Wash for the hair you have, Rinse for the hair you want." You need to give your hair the nutrients it is lacking while keeping that desired style in mind. Many times if the wrong shampoo & conditioner are paired it can leave your hair too flat or limp to hold those curls all day. I recommend scheduling an in-salon deep conditioning treatment or using a take-home mask to give your hair the added boost of nutrients it needs & then pair it with the proper shampoo & conditioner for desired look. It is so important that your hair is receiving the proper nutrients whether it is dry, damaged, brittle, etc. because healthy hair is happy hair!

#3 Prepping the Hair

Now that you have a proper haircut & the right shampoo & conditioner for your hair, let's talk styling products. Prepping your hair with the correct products before your blow dry ensures a smooth blow dry and creates what I like to call "internal hold." It also protects the hair from any heat styling (yes, this means the heat from your blow-dryer as well). This is the next building block in creating all day hold for your curls. Depending on your hair type these products can vary. I always suggest starting with a leave-in treatment or styling oil. These provide nutrients to your hair without weighing it down, think of them like your daily vitamins. Next you can add a root boost & my personal favorite...a volumizing mousse. I think mousses got a bad-rap in the 80s & 90's for being scrunching, crispy & sticky, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about but oohh baby..how mousses have changed! A good volumizing mousse should be light & airy when you put it in your palm. Most can be applied root to ends for added lift at the root! Keep on reading to find out more about finishing sprays (tip#6) because that is just as important as properly prepping the hair.

#4. Quality of Hot Tools

When it comes to blow-dryers & irons, quality..quality..quality! I can't stress this enough that this should be an item you invest in, it will make your life so much easier to get the look you want & have it last all day. Take a second and really think about how often you use these tools & the lifespan you have had them for? ..FOREVER, right!? So why not invest in good quality tools that will make your life easier with a smooth fast blow-dry & perfect curls?

Now let’s talk irons, I like to compare these to good cookware. When you have a cheap, low quality material frying pan, there are hot spots, warping, & when you put something in the pan, the temperature drops. Same goes for a flat iron/curling iron. A good quality iron will keep a consistent heat throughout the iron & the temperature won't drop when you curl your hair. This is huge because if the curling iron is consistently having to reheat it while you are curling your hair, it is going to take much longer & lead to limp flat curls. Hot spots on irons will lead to heat damage & uneven curls.

When looking for a curling iron, I like to recommend a 1 inch curling iron for all your curl needs, however for those who prefer more of a blowout look or looser curl I would suggest a 1.25-1.5 in. size iron.

#5. Technique

This one is my favorite tip to share & the one I hear the most AH-HA moments about! When curling your hair you have to remember "WHY you are doing, WHAT you are doing?" You are taking a HOT tool, wrapping your hair around the tool to HEAT it up so it will take the shape of that hot tool, then releasing it & expecting it to stay in that shape. Now here is where I want you to pay the closest attention, ready?!...The step is what most people miss is the 'cool down' process. You must let the curl cool down in the shape you just created before you release it by simply placing it in your hand to cool or setting it with clips. 'Setting' the hair allows the curls to cool down in the shape you gave them & last ALL DAY! ...Did I just blow your mind?!..AH-HA moment, right!? Now I am not saying you have to 'set' your curls each day but you could try holding the curl in your hand for a few seconds to cool, spray it with a workable hair spray & then drop it. It takes some patience but it will make the world of difference!

#6 Finishing Spray

Lastly after all your hair is curled, I recommend using a Strong Hold Hairspray to lock in all of your hard work! Let your hair rest for a couple minutes to completely cool before you brush out those curls or tease it. Then give it a final good spray & you are on your way! If you are feeling really sassy this is a great time to use a weightless shine spray to add the perfect final touch!

Now that you have the key steps in creating longevity in your curls, I am sure you are ready to go out & buy all new products & hot tools! Before you do, please check with your hairstylist, they know your hair & will know what is best for you! Again, it is important to purchase quality products & hot tools.... By purchasing your products & hot tools through a salon you are not only guaranteed authentic professional products but you are supporting a local small business, which comes back to you through the community!

Hope you enjoyed my "6 tips to Curls lasting ALL DAY!"

Keep your eyes peeled to my blog for more tips on haircare!

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